Barefoot Audio is the result of a coincidental meeting of a musician and a barefoot running coach - a collaboration of skills not previously seen.

On the one hand was Helen, endlessly frustrated by the lack of appropriate music with a fast enough beat to help her runners improve their running cadence and technique. On the other was Kirsty, struggling to find a convenient way to improve her health and fitness safely and comfortably following the birth of her third child.

With the combination of beautiful music at just the right beat, and step-by-step progressive coaching, the duo designed an innovative tool to create a feel for skilled, efficient running.

'Barefoot Audio' quickly grew from a concept to a reality, and became the first minimalistic running music label in existence.

'Barefoot Audio' offers the practical aids – music and real-time coaching - to progress the listening runner steadily and effectively to more efficient, more enjoyable running.

'Barefoot Audio' programmes will:

• take you through the transition from inefficient heel striking and/or poor form to efficient

mid-foot/forefoot running;
• progress you onwards to skilled natural running;
• help you run in a way that minimizes injury risk and reduces impact whilst increasing mileage.

Running efficiently is an innate skill, and one that 'Barefoot Audio' can help you discover.

So join us, and enjoy your next run … .

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Barefoot Trilogy Part_3
The Coming Together


Range of Movement


Towards Flow


Touch Down


Towards Verticle

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